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Faisalabad Institute of Research, Science and Technology (FIRST), has been set up in Faisalabad at Chak 250 RB, about thirty minutes drive from the city centre. The primary aim of the Institute is to impart quality education in science and technology and promotion of applied and basic research.
Presently the Institute has a covered area of about twenty seven thousand square feet and it seems to be enough for our present requirements to start under graduate courses in B.Sc. Honors in Biotechnology. We hope to extend our educational, laboratory and research facilities as our program expands to include more disciplines. Limited Hostel facilities at the campus are also available.

We have about two hundred and twenty kanals of land, on which to construct the whole campus, including student hostels and staff residences. Facilities for student play grounds and athletics are ready and available. This project arose out of a vision for the future, a dream to develop an educational institute which should impart quality education in sciences, hitherto not taught in our country, but they have a huge importance in the world because of their role in science and industrial development. To realize this dream we founded a voluntary organization by the name of Faisalabad Institute Of Research Science And Technology, Educational Welfare Organization. This organization has established the Faisalabad Institute Of Research Science And Technology.

This institute is now offering B.Sc.Honors in Biotechnology It is the only independent institute in the country which is teaching this discipline. Biotechnology is described as the science of the 21st century. The teaching commenced five years ago when no other university or college in Punjab was teaching this subject, in other words we are the pioneers in the teaching of biotechnology and this program, B.Sc.Honors in affiliation with University Of Health Sciences Lahore is the first honors program in this subject in our province.
Our ultimate objective is to produce professionals and researchers who can deliver excellence in their work in chemical and pharmaceutical industry and who can bring about a green revolution by inventing new seeds and improving crops and livestock. We expect our product to be the agent of change in the village and industrial life of the country.